Continued Development, 2001-2004

In November 2002 the fate of the 110 acres owned by the U.S. Navy was finally decided. The Navy transferred the property at no cost to Nassau County. Complicating the transaction was the issue that two of the buildings on the site, Building No. 5 and No. 20 were environmentally contaminated.
Some property owned by the Navy and some other former Grumman land became the Bethpage Business Park. The intention of the business park was to spur economic development in the region. The area was declared an economic development zone. Under a 1996 plan, business moving to the zone were offered a 46% reduction in the electricity bill, a 5% phone discount, and payroll tax relief. The Google Earth provided below from 2004 shows that much more of the runway was redeveloped by 2004, leaving little land remaining for development.

Final Developments, 2005-2010


Development of the final stretch of remaining runway continued. In 2006, the northwest patch was redeveloped, becoming a Honda service facility. 2007 is the final year that any trace of the runway can be seen. By 2008 a new building was being constructed in the area. The area was finally built out by 2010. In the course 15 years the area went from a sprawling defense complex to a mixed use development of homes, businesses, and warehouses. In 2009, former warehouse space was rented out to a production company that opened Grumman Studios. Movies such as Spider Man are filmed on massive green screens in a building that once produced the Lunar Lander. Northrop Grumman still remains on the property retained by the defense company, and a F-14 guards the entrance to one of their main buildings.

Above: The north side of the former Grumman property, as of 2010. Major current owners/tenants shown.
Above: The south site of the former Grumman property, as of 2010. Major current owners/tenants shown. Above: Overlay comparing site in 1994 with 2010.